What To Do About Opossums Raiding Your Tampa Yard

opossum in the trash

Opossums (Didelphis virginiana) are marsupials found in many parts of the country that are related to kangaroos. Opossums are often confused with possums, which primarily exist in China, New Zealand, and Australia. Opossums are considered solitary creatures that have traditionally lived in burrows or dens within regions of dense vegetation; however, in recent times, they have adapted well to more urban settings close to humans.

Under ordinary conditions, opossums are predominately nocturnal, preferring to forage after dark, but they may emerge during the daytime if food sources are scarce. They tend to be slow-moving creatures and have been shown to be adaptable to various climates and capable of altering their diet to fit their surroundings.

Opossums usually have a white and grey coat, a long face, and rounded ears that are hairless. After giving birth, opossums carry their young in a frontal pouch for several weeks. As they develop, young opossums emerge from the mother’s pouch and ride on her back for several weeks before venturing out alone.

Tampa Pest Control

Are you noticing the presence of bothersome and potentially harmful or destructive types of wildlife on your property? Many local homeowners fail to respond promptly to these concerns and allow these pests to begin proliferating and expanding. Opossums and similar pests may carry disease, pose risks to pets, may create damage to lawns and other concerns. Consulting with a pest control professional that is trained in wildlife management and wildlife control services is strongly encouraged when you need to eliminate these creatures.

What To Do If There Is An Opossum Outside My House

Keep the trash bags placed outdoors in receptacles that have a durable lid. Fill in any ground holes or voids that might serve as a den for opossums. Although opossums are unlikely to be aggressive, maintain a safe distance and contact a licensed pest controller for assistance.

Opossums Love To Eat!

Are opossums rodents? No. Opossums are marsupials that are the only creature from this category found in the U.S. Opossums are opportunistic scavengers that will venture into yard areas when foods sources exist, including fallen fruit, uneaten pet food, and more.

Opossums Can Be Dangerous

Opossums may be carriers of leptospirosis, tularemia, and other harmful problems. Opossums will likely also have exposure to fleas and other parasites. Opossums can create damage to lawns by burrowing and may remove insulation and other materials to insulate their nests.

Total Nuisance Wildlife Control In Tampa

Some property owners mistakenly try do-it-yourself treatment options that are aggressively promoted by online retailers and in local stores. Many of these products are highly touted, using exaggerated claims of being a “simple and quick” solution to problems with these types of critters. For example, they promote live metal trap units, granular repellant formulas, fox or wolf urine, and many other gimmicky options that typically prove to be ineffective.

A better course of action when encountering pest-related intrusions is to speak with the professionals with Haskell Termite and Pest Control that understand the best means of advanced wildlife removal. We will complete a detailed property inspection to identify any aspects of the surroundings that may be attracting wildlife and propose a professional treatment plan. In many cases, our technician will notice other conditions that make the home’s interior vulnerable to future intrusions.

Pest Control Professionals For Local Wildlife Removal

The specialists with Haskell Termite and Pest Control undergo rigorous initial training and have access to continual educational opportunities that involve many of the latest products and treatment options in the industry. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus and has been a key factor in our success. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.