The Downsides Of DIY Wildlife Intervention For Tampa Properties

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Animals are a common sight in Tampa yards. The climate in our region of the country is perfect for critters of all shapes and sizes. But, sometimes, those critters don't stay outdoors where they belong. They get under decks or porches, establish themselves in crawl spaces, and nest in attics. None of these scenarios are good for your home or your family.

When a wild animal starts to cause trouble, you might attempt to try and deal with the problem yourself. But there are many reasons to forgo doing it solo and contact a professional for nuisance wildlife removal instead. Some of the issues that can arise from improper removal techniques are likely to surprise you. Join us as we take a look at wildlife control in Tampa and examine the pitfalls of DIY solutions.

If you already know it is better to have a trained and experienced service technician deal with animals that have infiltrated areas in your house, then contact Haskell Termite & Pest Control to schedule a service visit. We'll send one of our inspectors over to take a look and evaluate your pest issue. When it comes to addressing animal pests, it pays to get expert advice.

Common Wildlife Intruders On Tampa Properties

What animals in Tampa tend to cause trouble? The most common are rats, mice, squirrels, birds, bats, snakes, raccoons, and armadillos. Each is unique in its own way and requires a specialized approach. Let's quickly look at the differences.


There are two kinds of rats in Tampa—roof rats and Norway rats. The roof rats are the black ones. They scale trees and use branches to climb onto roofs. Once there, they chew holes to get into attic spaces. The Norway rats are the brown ones. They tend to stay on the ground and sometimes create ground burrows in yards. When they enter structures in Tampa, they typically get in through gaps around utilities or structural issues close to the ground. We control rats with baits and traps.


There are basically two kinds of mice that invade homes in Tampa—house mice and deer mice. House mice are the gray ones. They get into structures and happily stay there permanently. Deer mice are tawny on top and white on their bellies, just like deer. They typically infest sheds and other exterior structures but may enter homes if conditions are right. We control mice with baits and traps.


Squirrels are the big, bushy-tailed rodents you commonly see during the day. Unlike rats and mice, squirrels are diurnal. They're also not prolific breeders or common indoor pests like rats and mice. Therefore, we control squirrels with live traps. These capture the animal for release.


There are a few pest birds in our areas. On the top of the list are pigeons, sparrows, and starlings. We control these pests with bird deterrents, such as spikes, slopes, wires, and netting. If birds get into an interior space, we can use a few methods to remove them. Live traps and specialized exclusion devices are typical.


These brown fluttering critters appear in the sky at dusk when you're out for a walk. When they get into structures, they can cause a lot of trouble; still, they are highly beneficial animals. Therefore, we use general control procedures. We primarily use specialized exclusion devices, which allow the bats to exit but not get back inside.


These are the big furry bandits that sneak around in yards at night. When they create a den under a structure or inside an attic space, removing them is a complicated task. At the heart of raccoon removal is live trapping.


These armored animals can get underneath structures on Tampa properties when they explore yards at night. We control them with live trapping methods.

That is a basic overview of the common wildlife pests and methods for addressing problems with these animals. But, as you can imagine, there is more to control processes than simply setting traps or applying exclusion materials. Let's look at the dangers service technicians have to manage when you contact a pest control service provider for local wildlife removal.

What animals in Tampa tend to cause trouble? The most common are rats, mice, squirrels, birds, bats, snakes, raccoons, and armadillos. Each is unique in its own way and requires a specialized approach. Let's quickly look at the differences.

The Dangers Nuisance Wildlife Brings

Once again, every pest is slightly different. Rats and mice are the worst offenders, as they reproduce quickly and present many threats, including spreading germs, transmitting diseases through fecal matter, spreading ticks, and causing damage to property. When controlling these two rodents, the primary concern is not finishing the job, which can allow them to continue secretly infesting the home, presenting a risk to health and property.

Squirrels and other animals that get into attic spaces are challenging to remove. Cornered animals can bite. Even squirrels are known to bite when frightened. It is also important to apply a complete solution, as animals contaminate attic spaces with fecal matter, urine, and parasites.

Birds are a unique hazard as their waste materials are not only a disease concern but also contain uric acid, which can damage building materials, including concrete, as well as vehicle paint.

Raccoons, armadillos, and other animals that hide underneath structures can pose a biting hazard. These two animals aren't nearly as bad as snakes or alligators, but you should maintain caution when approaching them, particularly where they have bedded down.

Why Professional Wildlife Control Is The Best Solution

When you have a service technician deal with an animal, your first benefit is that you won't get bitten, scratched, or sprayed. Wild animals are unpredictable and dangerous; this is particularly true of bats. When infected with rabies, they are highly erratic and a serious threat. But safety isn't the only factor. Here are a few more reasons why it is best to contact a pest control service provider for wildlife trapping or baiting:

  • You could unnecessarily harm the animal you're attempting to remove. Professionals use methods that don't harm the animals and dispatch them quickly so as not to hurt them in the process unnecessarily.
  • You may stress the animal out and cause trauma so that it does not survive when released. Professionals know what methods work best and how to gently let the animals know it is time to go.
  • You may remove the adult animals but miss the babies hidden in your home. Professionals use field-tested methods to collect babies and reunite them with their mothers after removal.
  • You won't have to do the cleanup. Cleaning up is not only a chore but a necessary step in disease prevention. Professionals use a variety of methods and products.
  • You could end up with another wildlife problem after dealing with the first. One of the most important reasons to contact a professional is for a complete solution. The last thing you want to do is pay for another removal on the heels of the first.
  • You could have an accident during removal if you use ladders or climb on your roof. Professionals use proper gear and techniques to avoid on-the-job injuries.

As you can see, there is a lot to wildlife management in Tampa. For the best results, contact your Haskell Termite & Pest Control service team for assistance. We'll inspect your property, evaluate the infestation, and address the problem with industry-leading solutions.

How To Choose The Right Wildlife Control Partner For Your Business

Up to this point, we focused on addressing wildlife in Tampa homes, but businesses need help with wild animals, too. And, as you know, wildlife problems come with even more consequences for a business owner. Every business should have a wildlife and pest control service plan. Whether you're looking to keep pest birds off your roof and ledges, bats out of your attic space, or rats and mice out of storage rooms, a commercial pest control service plan is the solution.

Haskell Termite & Pest Control provides comprehensive and customized commercial service plans for Tampa businesses. We're more than the company you call for wildlife control near you; we will construct a program specific to your business that will address pest pressures in a way that meets all regulatory standards. We service warehouses, apartments, food service facilities, schools, health service providers, municipalities, and more.

Get started with your commercial pest control service plan by reaching out and speaking with one of our agents today. We'll send an inspector to evaluate the conditions in and around your business and provide guidance regarding service options that meet the needs of your industry and the specific needs of your business. Navigate to our Contact Us page and share a few details about your expectations, and we'll connect with you soon.

We look forward to helping you keep your business compliant and wildlife, rodents, insects, and bugs out of interior spaces. It pays to have a commercial pest control plan and to go with a company with experience. Your Haskell Termite & Pest Control service team has provided advanced Integrated Pest Management solutions in Tampa since 1992. We're the right choice for your commercial pest control.