How To Quickly And Effectively Remove Silverfish From Your Tampa Home

Silverfish on a tray

Have you ever seen a silverfish? These pests are rather elusive. They are also incredibly destructive and annoying. Whether you know a bunch about these pests or nothing at all, we have some things for you to consider today. Here is how to effectively control silverfish in Tampa and the reason these pests invade homes in the first place. Contact Haskell Termite & Pest Control if you are less interested in information and more concerned about finding a professional option to combat these pests. We will talk you through our Tampa pest control options and find one that will work for you.

Why Are Silverfish Called Silverfish?

Silverfish are one of those creatures that were named by their appearance. These bugs are traditionally silver and fish-shaped. They also have two long antennae and three bristle-like tails. If you have an active silverfish infestation inside your home, you can identify these pests with their presence or the signs they leave behind. You will have a lot easier time spotting these pests if you have darker-colored floors, furniture, and rugs. As for signs of silverfish, here are a few you should know.

  • Holes chewed through clothing
  • Yellow stains on fabrics
  • Droppings
  • Dead silverfish
  • Skin molts

For more help finding these bugs inside your home, bring in our experts for a thorough inspection. We will check your home and inform you of our findings.

What Is The Purpose Of Silverfish?

Silverfish are not considered beneficial insects. At least not in a general sense. Their general eating habits do help with breaking down certain items. Items that would otherwise sit around and take a long time to decompose. Beyond this, silverfish do not have much of a purpose. They are annoying little insects that invade homes, damage people’s belongings, and cause a general disturbance. If you don’t want these pests inside your home, you are in luck. There are many amazing strategies to protect your home and belongings. Before we talk about these silverfish prevention options, we think it is important that you know a bit more about these pests.

Habits And Behavior Of Silverfish In Tampa

If there is anything you should know, it is the answer to “why are silverfish in my house?” These pests mostly invade to look for shelter, moisture, and, most importantly, food. What do silverfish eat? These pests love munching on things that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. This includes rolled oats, flour, dried meat, and even weird things like glue. These pests get into homes by crawling inside through gaps, cracks, and other similar openings. If you want to keep these pests out of your home, you have to seal off entry points and reduce moisture and food sources indoors. This can be done with simple DIY tips like wiping up moisture spills, fixing leaky piping, cleaning your living areas regularly, and fixing damage to your home’s exterior. For even more protection against silverfish, consider bringing in our team of professionals.

What Can I Do To Remove The Silverfish From My Home?

If you are done dealing with silverfish inside your home and want these pests out for good, we have options for you at Haskell Termite & Pest Control. Our team of trained technicians understands local pests and offers fast-working treatments to combat problems you are facing inside your home.

Contact us now to discuss our comprehensive pest control options with one of our service representatives. They will walk you through our services and help you find a treatment time that works best for your Tampa home.