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Fire Ant Control In Tampa, FL & Surrounding Areas

Keep Your Tampa Bay Area Home Protected With Fire Ant Control Services

Fire ants in the Tampa Bay area are more than capable of ruining your day if you venture too close to their nest. Not only can they deliver painful stings, but they are also highly aggressive, meaning you're likely to get stung multiple times.

In some cases, their sting provokes allergic reactions like anaphylactic shock, making it necessary to invest in fire ant control services to remain safe and protected. Our service technicians are committed to providing exceptional service and competitive pricing so you can enjoy a fire-ant-free home!

Signs Of An Infestation

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Since fire ants don't invade your Tampa, FL home the same way other pests do, it can be challenging to know when you have an infestation on your hands. However, one telltale sign is when you notice mounds (nests) protruding from the ground. Some ways to tell it's a fire ant mound include but aren't limited to:

  • No center hole: Fire ant mounds don't have a center hole that lets the ants enter and exit, unlike other ant species.
  • Moist areas: Fire ants thrive in tropical and sub-tropical climates, making the Tampa Bay area a hot spot for this type of ant. If you notice mounds in parts of your property that are especially moist, you likely have fire ants.
  • Appearance after rainfall: Did the mound appear shortly after a rainfall? If so, you likely have fire ants since they stay underground until the surface is cool and wet.
  • Disturbances: If you're unlucky enough to disturb a fire ant mound, you'll know immediately since the fire ants will attack en masse, unlike other species, which will hide.

If you suspect or confirm you have fire ant mounds on the premises, the best thing is to work with professionals trained in fire ant control. By doing so, you correct the problem while remaining safe.

Our Fire Ant Control Process

We take your safety and well-being seriously, which is why we proudly offer exceptional home fire ant control services centered on your needs and unique situation. Our service technicians begin with a comprehensive inspection to achieve the results we need.

While performing our treatment, we'll also discuss ways you can keep your property clear of fire ant infestations in the future. Even better, we'll provide advice on the proper way to maintain your lawn treatments.

Don't let your property remain overrun by fire ants! Reach out to Haskell Termite & Pest Control today to request service and take the first step towards becoming pest-free!

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