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How To Keep Wasps & Hornets Away From Your Tampa Yard

It can be painful to let a wasp problem sneak up on you. That's why we put together this quick prevention guide. If you'd rather not have wasps lurking in your yard, take a moment to look at these quick facts and tips on wasp prevention in Tampa. If you have an immediate need for wasp pest control in Tampa Bay or the surrounding area, you can quickly reach out to us through our contact page.

The Types Of Wasps & Hornets That Infest Tampa Yards

a yellow jacket wasp on a branch

We have a wide selection of wasp pests in our region, everything from the giant Cicada killer wasp to the tiny yellow jacket.

While large, the Cicada killer wasp does not present a significant threat to residents. This is because it is a solitary wasp.

The wasps that present the most concern are social wasps, like the paper wasp, yellow jacket, and bald-faced hornet. Social wasps have a nest-protection instinct. This causes them to gather together into a swarm.

The Dangers Of Wasps Hanging Around Your Yard

All wasps that enter your yard are going to be mostly harmless at first. If you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. This is even true of the paper wasp, yellow jacket, and bald-faced hornet. The danger is when nests are created on your property. This is why wasp prevention is so important.

Five Naturally Effective Wasp & Hornet Prevention Tips

There are many reasons why wasps would want to live in your Tampa yard. If you understand what attracts wasps, it can help you keep them away.

  1. Food is a primary focus for wasps. An ideal food source is nectar from flowers. While you're not likely to want to get rid of flowers or flowering plants you've planted in your landscaping, you can use this knowledge to have a big impact on wasps. When weeds take over your lawn, they can provide a plentiful food source for wasps and invite a wasp problem that may require professional wasp removal. Address weeds to deter wasps from creating nests.
  2. Another food source that can attract wasps is protein. Wasps get this food source in the form of insects, both alive and dead. You can deter insects and reduce insect activity by replacing exterior white lights with yellow lights. Insects aren't as attracted to the yellow spectrum.
  3. The worst of all food sources is trash. Wasps can find sweets and meats in your trash receptacles. Make sure your trash is stored in covered containers and deodorize your receptacles when they start to create a wasp-attracting odor.
  4. Wasps need to drink. While they can derive some moisture from nectar, they're going to want to be close to puddles, objects that have collected rainwater, clogged gutters, pool covers, and other potential water sources.
  5. The last tip on our wasp-prevention list is directed at paper wasps and bald-faced hornets. In the spring, when these wasps start to create aerial nests, you may be able to find them and knock them down with a broom. Be sure that they're starter nests and make sure no wasps are around when you do it.

These prevention tips can help you reduce wasp activity and prevent nest creation. This may be enough to keep your property wasp free. If it turns out that you need wasp removal or professional wasp control in Tampa, contact Haskell Termite & Pest Control.

Wasps can be tricky to deal with and DIY wasp control can have many unwanted results. We've heard of a lot of unfortunate encounters that could have been avoided if residents had chosen to get assistance from a licensed profession rather than attempting to deal with these painful pests on their own.

The Safest Way To Remove A Wasp Infestation From Your Yard

Wasps can live in ground holes, structural voids, bushes, shrubs, attic spaces, and other places where nests are difficult to remove. The best way to get rid of wasp nests safely is to let the licensed pest professionals here at Haskell Termite & Pest Control take care of your problem. Our technicians follow strict safety protocols, and we use field-tested methods to achieve the best results.

At Haskell Termite & Pest Control, we don't just offer wasp control in Tampa, we also provide ongoing professional wasp prevention in the form of year-round, residential pest control with coverage for wasps. Life gets busy and it is easy to forget to do routine inspections for starter nests in the fall, or to inspect your home during the year for general wasp issues. Put those wasps out of your mind and let us worry about them. Reach out to us today to get started. The best way to get rid of wasp nests in Tampa is to catch them early. 

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