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Pest Control In Tampa, FL

Are you struggling with common pests in Hillsborough County? You aren't alone. The Tampa area is under siege by a wide variety of pests, including mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, and rodents. Both homes and businesses find themselves inundated with creations of all shapes and sizes, making it more and more challenging to stay pest-free. Tampa locals cannot afford to risk ongoing infestations between the spread of disease and the risk of property destruction.

For all these reasons and many more, the home and business owners of Hillsborough County trust Haskell Termite & Pest Control to handle their pest concerns properly. Our company has quickly become a Tampa area favorite with a solid reputation of reliability and diligence.

Protect your home or business with the greatest amount of defense possible. Get in touch with Haskell Termite & Pest Control today for a free estimate regarding our professional pest control services. Our professionals are standing by to address any and all questions at your earliest convenience.

Residential Pest Control In Tampa

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No home is truly protected from pests without professional assistance from Haskell Termite & Pest Control. Our expert team uses a three-step approach to address pest infestations, delivering fast relief to hundreds of local clients.

Here's what to expect from your next residential pest control treatment:

  1. Inspections allow our experts to check for any signs or symptoms of infestation. Initial screenings will enable us to inspect for current pest activity and take note of entry points that could be problematic.
  2. The actual pest control process is completed by using state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals in accordance with all safety guidelines. We use a combination of professional treatments, traps, powders, and other tools to get the job done right.
  3. Appropriate follow-up services allow us to confirm our work and provide added assistance if needed.

Get registered on the Haskell Termite & Pest Control roster as soon as possible. Contact our service technicians today to book a home pest control treatment as soon as possible.

Commercial Pest Control In Tampa

Any business in Tampa can struggle with pest infestations, no matter how impervious they may seem. By using a combination of professional treatments and expert management, the commercial industries of Tampa can effectively control the spread of pests with help from Haskell Termite & Pest Control.

We are proud to serve the following local industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Contractors
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouse Centers
  • And More! 

Call today to book a space on our commercial pest control roster. We're looking forward to treating you soon!

How Do German Cockroaches Get Into Homes?

German cockroaches are quite active in Hillsborough County, making them one of the most common Tampa pest control problems. Many residents find themselves wondering how to keep these pests out of their homes but don't know exactly what attracts them in the first place.

Below are some common factors that draw German cockroaches into Tampa area homes:

  • While they often prefer decaying organic substances such as pet food or an overripe piece of fruit, German cockroaches have a soft spot for starchy items. A common favorite is the glue behind most pieces of furniture, especially those with paper or fabric components.
  • A consistent source of garbage is also an attractive quality to German cockroaches. Most homes will already have trash cans and receptacles inside the house, drawing hungry insects indoors.
  • Chronic household moisture helps to provide life-giving water to German cockroaches, especially near the kitchen or bathroom.  A leaking pipe or clogged drain is a common culprit of this problem.

A variety of factors could lead to an inadvertent cockroach increase in Tampa homes. Protect yourself and your family with cockroach control help from Haskell Termite & Pest Control.

Why Fumigation Is Perfect For Warehouses

For warehouse managers on a tight schedule, pest infestations can be a significant inconvenience. Not only do they slow down time to market and reduce operational capacity, but they could lead to an enormous reduction of revenue.

Because warehouses provide essential services that the public depends on, pest control of any size could cripple day-to-day activities. For this reason, it's vital to receive regular fumigation control that keeps dangerous insects at bay.

Here's why fumigation is perfect for Tampa area warehouses:

  • Prevention is ideal for warehouses, as it keeps pests from occupying valuable resources. Fumigation control ensures that insect infestations won't proliferate throughout the warehouse or cause unnecessary structural damages.
  • Fumigation fits into the busy schedule of warehouse managers and ensures the business will run smoothly without interruption. It's also beneficial for warehouses with multiple uncontrolled sources of entry.
  • Fumigation is helpful for warehouses with extreme temperature fluctuations, keeping pests far away and in check. Because fumigation control can be customized to meet the specific needs of each warehouse, it's never too hard to balance correctly.

No matter how you look at it, professional fumigation service is simply the best choice for Tampa area warehouses. Get started on your first treatment today by calling Haskell Termite & Pest Control.

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